Southeast Quadrant

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Southeast area of SFSU quad


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Southeast Quadrant Directory

Location Name Map Location
Administration (ADM) I-J8-9
August Coppola Theatre (FA) H6
Bike Barn (in GYM) G7-8
Bookstore H7
Burk Hall (BH) G-H6
Business (BUS) H-I8-9
Cesar Chavez Student Center (CCSC) H-I7
Copy Center (in CCSC) H7
Creative Arts (CA) I-J5-7
Ethnic Studies & Psychology G6
Fine Arts (FA) H-I6
Garden of Remembrance H6
Greenhouse #2 F9-10
Gymnasium (GYM) G7-8
Health Center (SHS) G6
Hensill Hall (HH) G9-10
HSS H-I9-10
Jack Adams Hall (in CCSC) H-I7
Knuth Hall (in CA) I6
Labor Archives (in LIB) I-J7-8
Library, J.P. Leonard & Sutro (LIB) I-J7-8
Little Theatre (in CA) I6
Manzanita Square (MS) J9
McKenna Theatre (in CA) J6
Memorial Grove G-H7-8
Nasser Family Plaza (GYM courtyard) G7
Planetarium (in TH) F8-9
Science (SCI) G-H8-9
Science Replacement Building (Future) G-H9-10
Studio Theatre (in CA) I6
Sutro Library (in LIB) I7-8
Temporary Buildings F9
Thornton Hall (TH) F-G8-9
University Park South (UPS) I1-K8