Southwest Quadrant

Access/Symbol keys are located below the map. For assistance with campus access, please call the Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) at (415) 338-2472.

Please note: We are aware that the campus map on this page is not accessible, and we are working on a long-term solution. If you need assistance with the campus map, please contact the Facilities Services Customer Service Center at (415) 338-1568, (415) 405-0579, or

South West SFSU Campus map


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Southwest Quadrant Directory

Location Name Map Location
Child Care Center (Associated Students) F2
Conference Center (The Towers) G4
Dining Center (aka City Eats) G3
Housing, Dining & Conference Services (in TCSQ) G4
Housing Office (MWH) G3
Humanities (HUM) H-I4-5
Marcus Hall (MH) I-J5
Mary Park Hall (MPH) F-G2
Mary Ward Hall (MWH) G2-3
Mashouf Wellness Center (MWC) G-H1-2
Museum (HUM) I4-5
OneStop Center (in SSB) G5
Seven Hills Center F3
Softball Field H-I1-2
Student Services (SSB) G5
The Towers at Centennial Square (TCSQ) G4-5
Towers Conference Center (TCONF) G3-4
Villages at Centennial Square G-H3-5
West Campus Green H-I3-4